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Leah When Leah began practicing Yoga 15 years ago, she realized that as a gymnast since the age of 5, she had been practicing Yoga most of her life. As dancer and professionally trained actress in New York City, she discovered that Yoga contained both of her passions, movement and expression.

Thru her acting conservatory in New York City Leah began studying with Fay Simpson, who created the "Lucid Body" a technique for actors. A system based on alignment and the 7 Chakras. Leah continued for 10 years in New York studying, performing and teaching with these techniques. She discovered what qualities live in each Chakra, how to locate blocked emotion within the body and how to clear and release it through movement, sound and meditations. She is forever grateful for having the opportunity discover first hand the healing power of this work and feels it is invaluable to her teaching Yoga.

Having studied with so many incredible teachers across the country, she discovered that the core of Yoga is opposites. It is stillness and movement, containment and expansion, discipline and joy. All at the same time! And most importantly she has learned that true Yoga happens off the mat where kindness, compassion, and service can always be practiced.

Leah has her 200hour certification and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Her classes challenge both the mind and body, but are filled with compassion and a genuine desire to facilitate true healing and transformation. And plus they are a lot of fun

Lisa V Committed to health and vitality, Lisa's yoga practices are created around healing and nurturing both the physical and emotional bodies by gently and powerfully guiding people through the subtle energies of these bodies, thus cultivating a healthier mind, body and deeper practice. She takes her students back to the root of what yoga is all about. Lisa creatively plays with her yoga classes by changing them up to meet the mood and energy of her classes. No class is ever the same, and it is her greatest intention that each class will bring whatever nurturing gifts each individual student requires.

Lisa received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate in 2004 while working with Martin and Jordan Kirk and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She also holds Reiki 1 and 2 certifications. Lisa is always continuing her studies through reading, workshops, and working with masters of various healing modalities. It is this wide range of studies as well as her personal life experience that she draws upon in her teaching. Lisa is both a teacher and student and gains invaluable knowledge through working with others.

Lisa knows it's essential to find the natural rhythm, balance and flow of one's being in order to heal it. Although that recipe is different for everyone, it is her belief that in order to have optimal health, one must balance and align all four bodies; emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. One must learn to be in tune with oneself and take personal responsibility for health and well-being. Lisa takes students of all levels to their personal edge, which is where the magic happens and change occurs.

Working with N.O.W. (Natures Own Way), Lisa leads yoga workshops that will alter the way any yoga practice can be done. She teaches many techniques to integrate into a yoga routine that heal and generate awareness. Working with Lisa can open many of the doors that can be difficult to access without an experienced teacher. She offers private yoga sessions as well.

Sierra Holding dear the belief that yoga is for everyone, Sierra's life journey (and the help of family, friends, and mentors) led her to yoga teacher training at At One Yoga. Dancing and acting since the age of four, she graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. In the last fifteen years choreographing, teaching dance, and directing theatre, Sierra has had the joy to work with people ages 2-90, from all walks of life--including those in recovery from substance abuse, at-risk youth and the blind. As a new yoga instructor, she is excited to both teach and continue learning every day. Sierra's teaching style is eclectic, energizing, and fun, allowing every student to find the joy in their own practice.

Lisa V Tommy Zitzka, RYT 500. Tommy has a fun & energetic class inviting all levels of practitioners to experience a true moving meditation. Tommy's classes always include centering with numerous pranayama techniques, chanting, along with a creative asana sequence allowing the space for integration. Tommy enjoys threading positive affirmations and stories from the Bhagavad Gita & the Yoga Sutras throughout the class. There are very few absolutes in yoga, but one that Tommy feels strongly about is that anyone can practice yoga. Regardless of age or experience level. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga! Tommy is committed to helping all of his students grow in their practice both on & off the mat. This is great class for the beginner & intermediate level practitioner as we often workshop postures while practicing all 8 limbs of yoga, & the perfect class for the advanced level practitioner as we work to dissolve the ego approaching each class with a beginners mind and manifesting the truism, the more we know...the more we know that we don't know.

Tommy has studied under some amazing teachers as he started his training at a Baron Baptiste school studying Power & Vinyasa yoga. Tommy's advanced training started with his 500 RYT at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts studying Hatha Yoga under some amazing instructors such as Jane Gleason, Kamini Desai, Caroline Cucciara, and continuing his education for his 2nd 500 RYT studying Unity Yoga under Mary Bruce, & Stuart Rice. Tommy has studied numerous different modalities related to yoga and is currently studying in an advanced Ashtanga program always continuing to grow his practice. Tommy currently teaches numerous different styles of yoga & is an instructor in the 200 YTT program & assistant to Mary Bruce in the Advanced Teacher Training program


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